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Reminence is currently preparing for Warlords of Draenor. We're actively taking applicants for 20 man Mythic Mode raiding, casuals or friends of members, and for Normal Modes. We are 14/14 Heroic 10m and are eager to see what the Iron Horde have for us to take on!

Heroic Garrosh Down!

Long time coming, the only thing to say is to watch the video found here.here

Heroic Paragons Down!

After some close wipes, we finally managed to prove that the only good bug is a dead bug. Many thanks to everyone who put in the time for the kill, one more to go. The tier is nearly complete!

Heroic Siegecrafter Down!

Belts and bombs and blades, Oh My! Blackfuse is perhaps one of the most well designed fights ever in WoW, but definitely the best of SoO. Next up we join Rico's Rough Necks and go to the bug's home world.

About Us - Who is Reminence?

Reminence is a Casual-Core raiding guild based on the Demon Soul realm. Casual-Core fits us perfectly...we like to push progression, raid, and kill bosses; However we are not going to put in 50 hours a week to do so, or lose sleep over a wipe or bad beat raid night. For us the game is for fun, and our fun is in killing bosses with our friends. Most of our members are 18-25 years of age, are full time college-students, lead careers, have families, etc. We don't believe the game should ever come before real life obligations.

Reminence was started at the end of Burning Crusade by a group of friends, and evolved to where it is today by focusing on a strong core of players who are more like a family, than just internet buddies. Our core actively participates not just in World of Warcraft, but also in other games as well, and often will play various games together outside of raid times. One of the key factors that has led Reminence to success is that we do enjoy the company of our guild mates, and build relationships that surpass a strictly 9 hour a week raid schedule. We also have out of game events with members such as guild meetups, bar crawls, parties and gatherings.

Reminence does have a 17 and up age limit, strictly as a matter of preference. Our guild chat and atmosphere can be a bit trollish and we love to take shots at each other, as such we like to recruit others who enjoy and can thrive in an atmosphere where filters are optional, excellence is rewarded, and the occasional dick joke is requested!

"Do less." - Slore (GM)